Wireless Launchpad Part 4: Prototyping

The next stage in this project is to start experimenting with hardware. Here you can see the (almost) complete setup. The yellow switch is the safety interlock, the orange push-switch simulates the igniter. The only components not present yet are the audio alarms for the various state indications. Range Testing After some rudimentary testing ofContinue reading “Wireless Launchpad Part 4: Prototyping”

Wireless Launchpad Part 3: State Machine

The Pad will be the ultimate controller of state, managing exactly what mode it is in at any one time, and which states it is allowed to transition into. The Remote will mirror this logic, but the system is not reliant on the Remote to properly maintain and permit state transitions. The Pad will beContinue reading “Wireless Launchpad Part 3: State Machine”

Wireless Launchpad Part 2: Safety Codes

Saftey by Design These are all the mentions of rocketry launch saftey codes with relation to ingition systems that I could find. NAR Saftey Code Excerpt: Ignition System. I will launch my rockets with an electrical launch system and electrical motor igniters. My launch system will have a safety interlock in series with the launchContinue reading “Wireless Launchpad Part 2: Safety Codes”

Wireless Launchpad Part 1: Communication Medium

Communication medium Having recently acquired a military tripod which I plan to turn into a rocket launch pad, I wanted to experiment with the possibility of creating a wireless launch controller. For this project safety is paramount, however I’ll the discussions around this to a later post. For now I wanted to experiment with differentContinue reading “Wireless Launchpad Part 1: Communication Medium”

Malyutka 9M14 ATGM

The 9M14 Malyutka (Russian: Малютка; “Little one”, NATO reporting name: AT-3 Sagger) is a manual command to line of sight (MCLOS) wire-guided anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system developed in the Soviet Union. It was the first man-portable anti-tank guided missile of the Soviet Union and is probably the most widely produced ATGM of all time—withContinue reading “Malyutka 9M14 ATGM”

Accessible Nose Cone Bulkplate

In designing a couple of rockets recently I wanted to be able to fly them on different motors (read – different weight motors). Due to the short nature of the rockets the CG would be significantly affected by this and so the nose weight would need adjusting accordingly. With a bulkplate fitted to the noseContinue reading “Accessible Nose Cone Bulkplate”