Bullpup 12D

The Bullpup was the first mass-produced air-surface command guided missile, first deployed by the United States Navy in 1959 as the ASM-N-7, until it was redesignated the AGM-12B in 1962. It was developed as a result of experiences in the Korean War where US airpower had great difficulty in destroying targets which required precise aiming and were often heavily defended, such as bridges.
The Bullpup had a Manual Command Line Of Sight guidance system with roll-stabilization. In flight the pilot or weapons operator tracked the Bullpup by watching a flare on the back of the missile and used a control joystick to steer it toward the target using radio signals. It was initially powered by a solid fuel rocket motor, and carried a 250 lb (110 kg) warhead.

Included in this kit are:

  • Assembly Instructions
  • 3D printed ABS nose-cone
  • Cardboard nose-cone shoulder/coupler
  • Cardboard body tube (3″ diameter)
  • 29mm motor mount tube
  • 2x 3mm ply centering rings
  • 4x 3mm ply fins
  • 2x 3D printed ABS Rail guides (for 6mm rail)
  • 3D printed ABS tail piece
  • 3D printed ABS screw-on motor retainer
  • Stencils

Not included in the kit are:

  • Recovery hardware – although we provide recommendations for shock cord length and parachute dimensions
  • Motors
  • Launch hardware
  • Glue
  • Paint

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