Accessible Nose Cone Bulkplate

In designing a couple of rockets recently I wanted to be able to fly them on different motors (read – different weight motors).

Due to the short nature of the rockets the CG would be significantly affected by this and so the nose weight would need adjusting accordingly.

With a bulkplate fitted to the nose however, accessing it to adjust the weight would be impossible.

Introducing the screw-capped nose cone bulkplate:

The threads are 2mm pitch printed at 0.15mm layer height.

The two holes in the bulkplate are for a loop of kevlar to attach the nose to the shock cord. The slot in the cap makes screwing and unscrewing the cap slightly easier as it can get tight (don’t strip the threads!)

You may need to make the female part 1% larger in the x and y axes depending on your printer tolerances.

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