Trullock Aerospace

We design and develop bespoke scale missile kits, research materials and manufacturing techniques and develop launch and flight hardware.

Latest Kits

Malyutka 9M14

3″ scale kit, 29mm motor mount

Bullpup 12D

3″ scale kit, 29mm motor mount

AN-M30 Bomb

4″ scale kit, 29mm motor mount

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Our Kits

We specialise in scale models of military hardware. We are constantly adding more models to our range of kits so please check back regularly.

3″ Bullpup 12-D


Embedded Systems Development

Read about what we’ve been up to in material research, upcoming kit prototyping, ground support development and much more

Trullock Aerospace

Founded in 2019 by Andrew Bullock, Trullock Aerospace is an experimental rocket science lab based in Nottingham, UK.

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